Postboxes that compliment your contemporary front door



CMS boast a large range of postboxes - they offer homeowners the opportunity to avoid holes in their front doors and make a feature of their letterbox in a range of contemporary postbox designs. A stand-alone box not only increases security but maximises the thermal efficiency of your front door.

Choose from wall mounted postboxes and free-standing postboxes in a range of contemporary designs. Some which can be customised to suit all tastes and styles.

All boxes are handmade in Germany with quality materials and precise workmanship.


Our postboxes are all manufactured to the highest DIN EN 13724 standard. Discover what this means to you.

No crinkled, folded or otherwise damaged letters and newspapers

No trip to the post office to pick up undeliverable mail

No wet mail by appropriate delivery (complete insertion of letters, newspapers and advertisements)

Best quality against rust through fixed corrosion resistant materials

Optimum security against vandalism and theft of mail through fixed security standard

a selection of postboxes

There is a wide range of Postboxes to choose from, freestanding or wall mounted we're sure we have something to suit you and your front door. Please get in touch if you can't see what you are looking for & we will be happy to assist.